China 2016 

The summer of 2016, I had an opportunity to go to China through Concordia's global opportunity center. In this experience, I spent three weeks working with students from kindergarten to sixth grade. Not only did I get the opportunity to be immersed in another culture, but also I learned so much about finding ways to communicate and connect with others while trying to sense student needs. This experience gave me a look into the reality of teaching with diversity and equipped me with strategies to help learners of all backgrounds.

To view some of our stories from the trip, visit: http://cunegoestoshenzhen.weebly.com


 Learning about exceptionalities 

In the Spring of 2016, I completed a class on the psychology of exceptionality. In this class we discussed the many different kinds of exceptionality in the classroom, in addition to teaching strategies to help all students learn. Teaching learners with diverse educational needs requires special awareness, consideration, and instruction. From this class, I absorbed information regarding how to include all students in my classroom and teach diverse learners. For fulfillment of a project for this class, I also spent a weekend at His Kid's Camp as a buddy for an adult with special needs. The different care and adaptions required for such an experience helped me to learn new strategies. Both the class and experience have furthered my desire and compassion to work with students and equip each one with the unique tools they need to be successful.


Differentiated Instruction

As a part of my degree, I completed a course on differentiated instruction. This class allowed me to look at ways to address different learning needs, learning profiles, and interest levels, all while maintaining focus on the course content and goals. With a collection of strategies, I hope to use heightened awareness of all forms of diversity in my classroom. It is my goal to provide an engaging learning experience for all students, equipping them with the tools and strategies they may need to reach the objectives of the class.Knewton-brand-may2014

Tiered Lesson plan sample