Student Teaching

Lincoln High School     Spring 2018

ELL levels 3 and 4    Literature studies

Over the course of eight weeks, I taught four sections of literature studies to 74 total students. I created and integrated lessons with academic conversation, literature circles, and tiered reading groups alongside state and district standards.

During this assignment, I observed and evaluated students' work to determine progress and make suggestions for improvement; adapted teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students' varying needs, abilities, and interests; and established and enforced rules for behavior and procedures for maintaining order among the students.

The classroom was a 1:1 chrome book environment, which allowed me to use audio-visual aids, Kahoot, Prezi, Google Forms, and QuizIz along with standard powerpoint presentations.

In addition, I attended Flex workshops and weekly professional learning community meetings to expand my knowledge and strategy tool box, learning from veterans in the field.

To view some of my unit lesson plans during this experience, take a look at my teacher work sample  here

Field Experience 

Spring 2017 Seward High School struggling readers

          One-on-one help; research paper and literacy development 

Spring 2016 Seward High School Speech Class

          9th grade; observation

Fall 2015 St. John Lutheran grade school

          5-8th grade band; sectional instructor

Spring 2015 Seward High School Study hall

          9-12th graders; Tutor, observations

Fall 2017 Lincoln High School Level 2 ELL developing Literacy

           Guided reading, observation, implemented lesson plans and strategies