Professional Development

Goals: I have laid out several goals that I hope to accomplish as I begin my first years of teaching

I. Capitalize on professional learning communities and the expertise of my coworkers

a. As a new teacher, I am also a life long learner. I recognize the incredible asset of knowledgable coworkers. By asking questions, collaborating, sharing strategies, and listening to the advice of those around me, I believe I can be better equipped and supported for my first year and therefore provide the students with a more informed instructional model.

i. In part, I will accomplish this by attending all PLC meetings and opportunities.

ii. I also intend to establish open communication with others in my department to allow for mutual sharing of ideas and advice.

iii. I also intend to engage in best practice research through both learning communities and individual studies.




II. Establish a classroom culture of high expectations and self-guided inquiry

a. I ascribe to the model of education that puts the learning in the students' hands. I want students to take ownership of their learning and understand that they are able to create and not just consume. By nurturing a culture of high expectations, students must rise to the challenge and can discover they are capable of more. Each student comes to class with a different set of strengths and skills, but my goal is to provide a learning atmosphere that every student can find informative and beneficial.

i. I plan to accomplish this by designing lessons that do not rely solely on the lecture model, but integrate a range of strategies and activities. Students will be involved in their learning through activities, authentic assessments, and discussions focused on developing and exercising critical thinking skills.

ii. Lessons will also put an emphasis on creation and collaboration. We live in a world where the majority of our day is spent consuming: media, ideas, information. I want my classroom to be one of creators, equipping students with the skills to produce effective writing, speech, and discussion skills. My activities and assessments will be designed with this in mind. 


III. Be exposed to as much literature as possible

a. In order to be an effective teacher, I feel it is incredibly important for me to be not only well-learned in my subject area, but also have a vast wealth of resources and ideas in order to find what relates to students. By reading more and finding more literature, I hope to broaden this horizon and thus equip myself with more tools to use in my classroom. This can allow for not only more understanding on my behalf, but also a better formed curriculum. I hope that it will help me choose and teach the important themes in literature.

i. In part, this will be accomplished by personal reading habits and research. Also, I intend to become involved with professional learning communities in my field which will offer the opportunity of resources and peer sharing of ideas.

ii. I am also interested in pursuing higher learning by way of graduate classes.